Red Steel Fabrication

AWC Manufacturing is an experienced provider of fabrication services.

We fabricate large and complex component modules and ship completed modules to a plant or job site for final placement and assembly. These completed modules can contain purchased equipment, wiring, controls, piping etc. which will ultimately be part of a larger facility.

Off-site fabrication has benefits in the areas of product quality, lower site labour costs, reduced job-site congestion, improved job-site safety, and faster construction. Let AWC Manufacturing project managers reduce scheduling risks due to weather and skilled labour shortage

AWC Manufacturing has a reputation for high quality fabrication and welding techniques.

We’ll manage your complete sub-component manufacturing, assembly, components and equipment purchasing, logistics, and quality control. AWC Manufacturing has experience building and managing large modular fabrication projects


  • Comprehensive modular fabrication services
  • Procurement of equipment and components required for assembly
  • Strategic partnership

Our work in industrial markets encompasses new construction and support of rebuilding or updating of facilities, infrastructure and equipment.

Quality Assurance

At AWC Manufacturing, quality assurance is a company wide commitment to our customers, suppliers and employees. Every employee is aware of how their individual efforts affect overall product quality and the service experience for our customers.

Because quality assurance is a focus, our systems and processes are designed to deliver high quality. The adoption and following of our partners’ quality standards are as important as following our own when delivering products.


  • ISO certified facilities
  • Robust quality standards and controls for customers
  • Higher level quality inspection documentation available, per customer request
  • All steel plate inventory is 100 percent traceable to the mill
  • Incoming material inspection
  • Certified test reports and trace ability documents are available.
  • Part tracking

AWC Manufacturing is committed to providing a quality end-to-end experience for all of our customers. We provide ongoing training to our skilled trades and support staff that encompasses quality control methods, process techniques and computer programs for industrial design and metal fabrication.

Quality Inspector Measuring Fabrication

Contract Manufacturing

Contract Manufacturing Benefits

AWC Manufacturing’s industrial manufacturing service offers a number of advantages to capital equipment builders and project firms.

  • time and cost savings
  • technology
  • project management
  • space and resources
  • skilled work force
  • equipment and processes
  • experience
  • working capital

Our multi-location manufacturing facilities allow simultaneous fabrication of many projects serving multiple market sectors.

Our specialized process and material handling techniques for large steel plate manufacturing, fabricating and finishing have developed organically as projects have become larger. Efficient job scheduling, systems, and logistics complement our manufacturing capabilities.

Steady work from various market sectors keeps our team of skilled trade welders and machinists engaged which has resulted in very low employee turnover in our skilled trades.

With multiple facilities in Southwestern Ontario, AWC Manufacturing is an effective supply partner to all areas of North America.

The AWC Advantage

AWC Manufacturing offers significant advantages over small single facility fabrications shops. Our facilities are capable of large-scale industrial manufacturing. Our engineering team can help streamline  your large projects (with the goal) to reduce your on-site assembly and placement costs. No large fabrication project is out of our scope.

  • production time and cost savings
  • reliable scheduling
  • reduced risk of labour & scheduling conflict
  • improved safety
  • less product handling (crane time and scheduling)
  • easier supply chain logistics (delivery)
  • quality control

AWC Manufacturing has the people, processes and systems in place to plan, manage, manufacture and deliver large-scale modular fabrication projects.

Red and Blue Fabrication

Logistic Support

  • Finished product delivered to your schedule
  • Part marking and trace-ability
  • Inventory management
  • Procurement of equipment and components for assembly
  • BTO fulfillment (Build-to-Order)
  • Sequencing and delivery
  • Advanced shipping notification (ASN)
  • A fleet of trucks for deliveries
  • Carriers for heavier loads

For large-scale modular fabrication, AWC Manufacturing will coordinate delivery logistics to minimize onsite handling and assembly.

Large Yellow Fabrication on Truck Bed

Engineering Services

Engineering Working with CAD Software

AWC Manufacturing provides engineering services to support customer fabrication and manufacturing challenges. Our staff will team with your engineers to ensure designs can be manufactured efficiently, regardless of complexity. As manufacturing partners, we work to ensure your success.

We provide you with engineering support, project management, and support for fabrication and secondary manufacturing operations.

  • Fabrication design support
  • Modularization support
  • Weld inspection
  • Specification adherence
  • Project updates
  • Standards compliance
  • Solidworks, STEP, AutoCAD, IGES, and additional model applications
  • Project updates
  • Higher level quality inspection documentation available, per customer request
  • Knowledgeable customer service and engineering experts