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AWC Manufacturing ensures the best quality every time.


Every part is carefully tested and inspected by a dedicated team to ensure that it meets or exceeds the standards that we expect from our operations.



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Quality is at the heart of everything we do.


Our dedication to quality ensures that we put in the effort to make sure our customers get parts ready for use. 


Dedicated Quality Inspectors provide:

  • Increased product quality
  • Longer product lifecycle
  • Improved product safety
  • Better alignment on product delivery dates





Entrust our quality team with making sure your products perfectly meet your needs, and are ready for use.


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Quality policies and dedicated inspectors provide better products and reduce the chance of rework at final assembly.


In-depth inspection


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In Process Inspections


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Certified Inspections


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AWC's Quality team carefully reviews every part that leaves our shops to make sure they are to our customer's standards