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AWC Manufacturing offers a wide range of services to meet your needs.


Our services are designed with manufacturing challenges in mind. We work with your team to make sure that your biggest issues become your greatest strengths.







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We've tailored our services to support our customers through every part of the manufacturing process. 


Services we offer are focused on the manufacturing processes from start to finish. We offer support in everything from design to delivery and more.


Our services include:

  • Fabrication and Machining Manufacturing
  • Quality Assurance and Documentation
  • Engineering and Design Support
  • Logistics and Delivery Coordination
  • Additional Manufacturing Documentation and more on request.





Our team is dedicated to making sure our customers needs are met in every single way.


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We leverage our extensive experience across a wide range of fields and industries, to ensure that there is always an expert working with your team to guarantee success. From start to finish, our team communicates with you to ensure that you know the quality, delivery dates, and product status throughout your project. 








AWC is committed to ensuring every project is produced with quality and delivery as the main focus.