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AWC Manufacturing offers logistics support and coordination services for all of our customers.


Our team handles logistics for your products, either through one of our vetted partners, or a transportation company that you select.


Truck leaving from a warehouse to multiple locations

Our team arranges shipping, handling and tracking so that you always know where your products are.


Our Logistics team provides you with:

  • Delivery date coordination and updates
  • Part Marking and Traceability
  • Advanced shipping notification
  • On-site trucks gurantee deliveries





Trust our logistics specialists to make sure your products arrive exactly when you need them.


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We have years of experience coordinating shipments for many of our largest customers; let us handle yours


Logistics Support and Coordination


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Traceability Documents for all Shipments


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Our team's aid in scheduling transport for products makes it easy to get products where they are needed on-time.